About Us

Economix Consulting Group (ECG) is a Chennai based niche consulting and analytics firm that enables strategic decision making through ‘actionable’ studies covering consumers, customers, employees, supplier/vendors, etc. using their 360° Eye Stakeholder Consultation process. We help our clients create customised roadmaps for their organisations’ vision, aiding swift and efficient decision making. ECG takes pride in being Work from Home organisation which has enabled many qualified and talented home makers return to work. With a 15-member team comprising of Analysts, Researchers and Data Sourcing Team, we have a collective experience of ~80,000 person hours over 7+ years.

Our Services

The ECG Way

Understanding Business Rationale

  • Business Strategy
  • SWOT
  • Go to Market

Understanding the Customer

  • Customer Demographics
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Preferences

Understanding the Market

  • Product Mix
  • Distribution Network
  • Competitive Landscape

Insights and

  • Customer Insights
  • Market Insights
  • Strategy
    • - Customer Acquisition
    • - Customer Retention
    • - Customer Engagement
  • Training

Meet Our Core Team

Our team of Research and Customer outreach staff operate pan-India and are fluent in over 7 Indian languages, besides English. The language proficiency combined with our entirely Female Customer Outreach Team enables us to establish a connect with both urban and rural customers, given buying decisions in a majority of households are largely influenced by women.

Latha Ramanathan

Founder & CEO

Latha Ramanathan, a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of postqualification experience started ECG after stepping off in 2014 from Big 4 Consulting where she spent nearly 20 years, most of it as a Partner. During her consulting tenure, Latha has advised companies on Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy and enabling organisations to listen to the voice of their key constituents - customers, suppliers, and employees. Latha has also advised Governments across the region and has advised several State Governments in India, besides the Central Government.
At ECG, Latha has enabled an environment where women are encouraged to return to work by a set-up that has championed work from home. ECG is fashioned around her personal culture and values of honesty, integrity, teaming, mutual learning, and fun at work.

M K Geethanjali


Geethanjali holds an MSc in International Business & Emerging Markets from The University of Edinburgh. With over 3 years of experience, she has honed her expertise in diverse industries such as automobile, mining, and F&B. She possesses an extensive skillset encompassing Business Development, Client management, Market research, and Business analysis. Geethanjali is a core member of the leadership team at ECG, heading Business Development and Social media teams.

Shubha G

Senior Research Associate

Post a child-care break, Shubha restarted her career in 2018 with ECG. Aided by her background in Psychology and a natural flair for conversation, she grew to be an expert in eliciting the right responses from different kinds of stakeholders to gain insights. Today, she is a key member of the ECG Core Research Team and has been a part of projects in the e-commerce, beauty & personal care, food, and diagnostics space. She also heads the Learning & Development initiatives at ECG.

Meghna Mahbubani

Research Associate

After 3+ years of experience in Accounting & Finance functions with a Diploma in Interior Design to boot, Meghna started her journey with ECG to experience consulting. Her skills include Data Analyses & Visualisation, Primary & Secondary Research and Project Management. She is, today, a core member of the ECG Business Development and Research Teams and has played a part in projects in the healthcare, e-commerce, advertising, food and beauty & personal care industries.


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